Swat Survival 3D
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Controls: Move to WASD + Arrow Keys + Mouse

Play Swat Survival 3D (Multiplayer Online) Online

Long known as Shooting Block Combat Swat GunGame Survival Multiplayer, you will take part in a rescue team. In this game, which is designed online and in 3D, you have to fight with your opponents. There are various weapons and hand tools in the game. You have to put up a nice fight with your Swat team. Use the left mouse button to attack your opponents. Use the AWSD and OK keys to guide your swat character through the game course. Swat Survival 3D, which includes single player and multi-player game modes, has American, European, Asian and Russian servers.

When you switch to the single player game mode, there are 40 different levels. Here you need to proceed in order and complete the chapters. In addition to Team 1 and Team 2, you can also have a different experience thanks to the zombie mode.