RFS - Real Flight Simulator PLAY GAME
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Controls: AWSD + MOUSE

Play RFS – Real Flight Simulator Online

Those who want to play a real airplane flying simulation game RFS – Real Flight Simulator is with you. In this game where Boeing brand airplanes are located, you will try to complete the tasks given to you with the planes you will choose from the hangar and fly the planes in 3D. There are different missions in each section where you have to fly the plane to the finish point before you run out of fuel. RFS game offers a real airplane flying experience. Thanks to various upgrades available in the store, you can upgrade your aircraft and get enough fuel and engine power for longer. How will you fly the plane? The answer to this question is quite easy, first of all, remove the speed setting you see on the left with your mouse and you need full power for takeoff. Then, with the AWSD keys, you can lift the plane up and down and rotate it left and right. Very nice game for those who are looking for games like Real flight similator.