Unblocked 1v1 Space lol
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Controls: AWSD + F + G

Play 1v1 Space lol Online

Are you ready to play the hardest 1v1 game in the world? In this game, which is prepared in a classic structure, you will take the 1v1 Space lol version. The game features single-player, parkour and multiplayer modes. Your goal is to overcome the challenging 1v1 tracks, you will see many different space figures because the game is set in space.

All you have to do to manage the alien monster is use the AWSD keys. These keys will always bounce our 1v1 space character up and take it to the right and left. When you press the F key, the character will switch to attack mode and shoot. While the G key acts as a shield, there is no other control key in the game.

Like all other games offered on VipoGames, we offer you 1v1 space game as unblocked.